The Europe 2011 Road Trip

7 countries, 3 friends, just one 1998 Renault Scenic

Day 9 - Hallstatt

13 August ’11

Mikey Commentary:

Rain as we pack down from the campsite. Travel to Hallstatt and park up in the out of town car park. Walk into town and walk along the front and take some photos of the views. Then go up to the church and have a look in the bone house. Walk back down and back to the car. Have a live bee in my shoe for about 3 hours. Find it after martin buys new bike tyres. Then move on and find a free campsite over a railway in woods. Park up next to an unused quarry and walk along the river. We decide that it is a nice trail for cycling. Get back to car then cook and set up.


I don't have pictures, but I'd started the trip with sort of semi-slick tyres on the mountain bike. It became clear after yesterday's mountain biking session (literally going up and down a mountain) that it might be an idea to change the tyres for something more suitable.

I think we were just driving along and spotted a bike shop. They didn't speak any English though, so I had to sort of gesture convincingly to some suitable tyres they had. From memory all they had available were expensive! I still have those tyres on that bike to this day (writing early 2021), so I guess that means they were built to last!