The Europe 2011 Road Trip

7 countries, 3 friends, just one 1998 Renault Scenic

Day 5 - Luxembourg City

9 August ’11


I remember Luxembourg being super quiet, but perhap that was just because of the torrential rain. Mikey's note reminds me that a recurring theme in the trip was hunting for either a free camping spot or WiFi.

Mikey Commentary:

Went to Luxembourg city in the morning. Go to the outskirts and park up and walk in over a bridge. Then there was a a lot of rain so we stopped in a band stand for a while and got a bit of free wifi again. Then went to a cathedral on the way back to the car. Start to travel towards Munich and stop near mannheim in the entrance to a cycle track and find a free camp at the top of the hill we cook under the boot of the car because of the rain and then set up the tent afterwards in the dark.