The Europe 2011 Road Trip

7 countries, 3 friends, just one 1998 Renault Scenic

Day 3 - Brussels, Luxembourg

7 August ’11


Not sure how much the photos do it justice but some great views from this day. The free camping spot was a real gem, especially compared to some of the spots from a little later in the trip!

Mikey Commentary:

Pack up and go to the hardware store looking supermarket. Pick up 24 beers and if the crate and bottles were returned would cost just over 3 euros. Drive through Brussels to see what it is like and then stop on the outskirts to eat some lunch. Get into luxembourg and stop off on the way at a dam. We then attempt to find our first free camping spot. Try a few places and then walk into some woods and find a nice spot on a ledge halfway down a hill along with a map and umbrella. Then have a really long walk to find our way back to the car. Go to a bench at the side of the road in a nice spot to have tea then park up on edge of small village and go back to the free campsite.